Mastertons in Print

Mastertons in Print

Occasionally, the rather dry information contained in Births, Deaths, Marriages and Last Wills & Testaments is enlivened by some other published reference. These add colour and substance to the bare bones of genealogical research. Here are a few Mastertons in print - famous, infamous, or just worthy souls with biographies recorded in the annals of their chosen career. All of them were players, principal or minor, in events that were recorded by harmless drudges and lodged in archives to form a rich mine for the benefit of future researchers. The harmless drudgery of website assembly has brought these together!

Links between some Mastertons and key events in Scottish history are given in this TIMELINE.

Dumfriesshire Mastertons

Ordinary Stories Extraordinary Stories
Robert Masterton, surgeon in Canada (1799-1842) James Masterton, mason (1777-aft 1818)
William Masterton, Australian pioneer (1805-1886) Edwin James Masterton, Canadian prison guard (1915-1964)
Catherine Masterton, sudden death inquiry (1827-1881)

Dunfermline (1) Mastertons

Ordinary Stories Extraordinary Stories
Isabella Masterton, Australian pioneer (1819-1892) Thomas Masterton, Waterloo veteran (1790-1865)
Thomas Mitchell Masterton, architect (1833-1872)

Dunfermline (4) Mastertons

Ordinary Stories Extraordinary Stories
David Masterton, teacher and lunatic (1811-1862)

Dunfermline (5) Mastertons

Ordinary Stories Extraordinary Stories
Peter Masterton, mariner and hostage (born 1764)

Edinburgh(2) Mastertons

Ordinary Stories Extraordinary Stories
Gilbert Masterton, tailor burgess (fl 1573-1593)

Edinburgh(3) Mastertons

Ordinary Stories Extraordinary Stories
Robert F Masterton, company secretary (1866-)

Falkirk Mastertons

Ordinary Stories Extraordinary Stories
Henry Masterton, civil engineer (1843-1898)

Forfar Mastertons

Ordinary Stories Extraordinary Stories
Alexander Masterton, quarry owner and builder (1797-1859) Alexander Masterton, flesher (app 1785-aft 1847)
Elizabeth Masterton, a Forfar nonagenarian (1806-1903) William Masterton, weaver and bigamist (1792-1858)
James Masterton, shoemaker in Arbroath (1818-1891) John Masterton, weaver and road accident victim (1817-1884)
James Lyon Masterton, lapper (1843-1879) Alexander Masterton, yarn merchant and bankrupt (1819-1878)
William Nevay Masterton, solicitor (1843-1885) Alexander Masterton Jr, businessman and murder victim (1822-1899)
John Masterton, Guernsey seaman (1850-1925) William Masterton, weaver (1822-1885)
James Masterton, headmaster (1865-1926) Thomas Masterton, mariner (1826-1861)
John Masterton, HM Inspector of Mines (1878-1933) John Masterton, grocer and spirit-dealer (1826-1867)
Rita Masterton, professional singer (1909-2005) John M Masterton, banker and bankrupt (c1832 - )
Wiescka Masterton (ms Walach), literary agent (1946-2011) Thomas Masterton, carter and railway accident victim (1834-1863)
Abram Masterton, weaver (1837-1880)
Peter Masterton, watchmaker and convict (1841-1891)
James Masterton, Guernsey master mariner(1846-1918)
George Masterton, weaver, coal merchant (1848-1915)
George Masterton, tinsmith (1850-1896)
Thomas Masterton, oiler and industrial accident victim (1854-1873)
Albert Masterton, Guernsey cook, seaman and petty smuggler (1854-1891)
Robert S Masterton, messy divorcee (1854- )
James Paton Masterton, brass finisher (1855-1924)
Robert Munro Masterton, stonemason (1858-)
Allan Masterton, factory worker (1861-1940)
John Edward Masterton, Guernsey mariner, lost at sea (1879-1914)
James Frederick Masterton, Guernsey mariner, torpedoed at sea (1881-1917)
Herbert James Masterton, Guernsey seaman, petty smuggler (1903-1953)