Emigrants: Other America


Like many European families, economic hardship, religious intolerance, or just the excitement of new horizons and opportunities offered by the outposts of the British Empire, or the open door policy of the USA, persuaded many Mastertons to seek their fortunes in the New Worlds. I have come across emigrants to the Americas, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand from the 19th century onwards.

Records of some Masterton emigrants from their home country.

Other America

Alexander Masterton, bosun, was in the party of Scots colonists on the ill-fated Darien Scheme, which led to a huge financial loss for the nation and was a factor leading to the Union of Parliaments with England in 1707.

Name Age Date From Ship Port of Arrival Final Destination
Alexander Masterton, bosun 14 7 1698 Leith Caledonia Darien
William Masterton 25 1919 Patuca Kingston, Jamaica Kingston, Jamaica

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