Emigrants: Australia


Like many European families, economic hardship, religious intolerance, or just the excitement of new horizons and opportunities offered by the outposts of the British Empire, or the open door policy of the USA, persuaded many Mastertons to seek their fortunes in the New Worlds. I have come across emigrants to the Americas, Australia, South Africa, and New Zealand from the 19th century onwards.

Records of some Masterton emigrants from their home country.


In 1852, James, Janet and George Masterton were passengers on the notorious journey of the "Ticonderoga", the Fever Ship from Liverpool on which a quarter of the passengers died. The Emigration Commission changed the minimum acceptable standards of accommodation on immigrant ships as a direct result.

Three brothers, two sisters and their families emigrated to Melbourne, Victoria in 1853-54. David Masterton was a master mariner and Captain of 'Ferozepore' 1847-1853. He bought a 127-ton ship 'Elizabeth' and took his sisters Mary and Julia and William's wife and four children to Victoria in 1853/54. David's children and his brothers William and Fowler were already in Victoria in 1852/53. In 1877 David became mayor of Brighton, Victoria.

Name Age Date From Ship Port of Arrival Final Destination
James Masterton 28 Dec 1852 Liverpool, England 'Ticonderoga' Portsea, Point Nepean, Victoria Kilmore, Victoria
Janet 24 Dec 1852 Liverpool, England 'Ticonderoga' Portsea, Point Nepean, Victoria Kilmore, Victoria
George 4 Dec 1852 Liverpool, England 'Ticonderoga' Portsea, Point Nepean, Victoria Kilmore, Victoria
William Masterton 35 Oct 1852 'Ferozepore' Melbourne, Victoria
Fowler Masterton Melbourne, Victoria
Margaret Masterton Melbourne, Victoria
Isabella Masterton Melbourne, Victoria
Julia Masterton Melbourne, Victoria
Frances Masterton Melbourne, Victoria
David Masterton Melbourne, Victoria
David Masterton Feb 1854 'Elizabeth' Melbourne, Victoria
Mary Masterton 1854 'Elizabeth' Melbourne, Victoria
Julia Masterton 7 1854 'Elizabeth' Melbourne, Victoria
Isabella Masterton 1854 'Elizabeth' Melbourne, Victoria
David Masterton 1854 'Elizabeth' Melbourne, Victoria
Alexander McKay Masterton 1854 'Elizabeth' Melbourne, Victoria
Frances King Masterton 1854 'Elizabeth' Melbourne, Victoria
Julia Mitchell Masterton 1854 'Elizabeth' Melbourne, Victoria
William Masterton after 1852
Janet McAllan (ms Masterton) after 1852
Catherine Masterton after 1852
Emilia Duncan Masterton after 1852
Catherine after 1852
James McDonald Masterton after 1852
Thomas after 1852
William after 1852
Elizabeth after 1852
Margaret after 1852
Alexander Masterton aft 1851 Kyneton, Victoria
Elizabeth Masterton (ms White) aft 1851 Kyneton, Victoria
Alexander Masterton bef 26 Sep 1854 Sydney, NSW
Janet Page (ms Masterton) 1869 Liverpool 'Great Britain' Melbourne
Robert Masterton 25 5 Mar 1879 'Selkirkshire' Kempsey, NSW
James Adam Masterton 11 9 Jul 1883 'Nairnshire' Queensland
Charles Smart Masterton bef 1884 Queensland
William Masterton aft 1892 Queensland
Anne Masterton (ms Whyte) aft 1892 Queensland
Albert Edward Masterton bef 1910 New Zealand Wallsend, NSW
James Alexander Masterton New Zealand NSW
William Farmes Masterton 36 12 Jun 1911 Liverpool 'Cornwall' Ipswich, Queensland
Janet Masterton (ms Richmond) 35 25 Dec 1912 'Waipara' Brisbane, Queensland Ipswich, Queensland
Jessie Collier Masterton 14 25 Dec 1912 'Waipara' Brisbane, Queensland Toowong, Queensland
Robert Masterton after 1914
Hermann John Masterton bef 1930 NSW
Herbert James Masterton bef 1953 Guernsey NSW
James Masterton bef 1957 Queensland

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