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1  MASTERTON James, B.A. (Lond.) (I228)
2  MASTERTON James Allan (I64)

Wednesday, July 14, 2004
K. "Chuck" Masterton of Kissimmi, Florida
K. "Chuck" Masterton, formerly of New Hartford, passed away on Saturday, July 10, 2004, in the Sunshine State. He wanted to say "Hi" and "Bye" to all of his wonderful family. To: Loving Holly, "Always love you!" Randal, "Cut your hair!" Mel, "Thanks for all your love and care!" Valerie, "Love you sweetie!" Leslie, George and the Kids, "Take care in your many travels!" Johnny "O", "Keep up the good work!" Bill Tharpe, "Thank you!" Gladys, My Beautiful Mom, "See you soon!" Dorothy (Dottie), "Baltimore/New York, Rochester with Leonard, doesn't matter where, I'll always love you!... June 26, 2005, be there!" Kelly and Ash and all my kiddo's..., "Be good and take care of each other!" And Friends from Whimpy's..., Eugene and Nancy, Colleen, Kelly, Walt Volk, Ralf Tector, Paul, Bill, Bob Rowlands - "Go Yanks!", Howie and Cindy Burns, Dick Stemmer and his beautiful wife, Sherry, Lana, Liz, Jayne, Stacy, Barb and anyone he may have forgotten..., "Chuckles...One thing you ALWAYS remembered was MY phone number!"... Love Diane. So... You take off, From a screeching sky. Don't tell anyone... Not even "I". My hugs and kisses are with you forever! Call me, when you land or whatever! I miss you! Love, Tubey Tubey, "When are you comin' to pick me up?...o.k." There will be a memorial service held for Chuck at: Our Lady of the Rosary Church, 1736 Burrstone Rd., New Hartford, NY, at 9 a.m. on Saturday, July 17, 2004. 
MASTERTON Kay Charles (I340)
4  MASTERTON John Crichton (I144)
5  SHAW Frances (Fanny) or Ann (I636)
6  CAMPBELL Mary (I90)
7  AYERS Ethel Bessie Daisy (I9)
8  Family F14
9 "Begotten in fornication" on birth certificate MASTERTON Janet (I117)
10 "Bella" MASTERTON Isabella Dickson (I412)
11 "Blind Willie Robb" ROBB William James (I323)
12 "Known as James Masterton" on death certificate Changed his surname from Keltie to Masterton sometime between 1871 and 1881 MASTERTON John Keltie, (Keltie) (I300)
13 "Maistertoun" in scotlandspeople index MASTERTON James (I20)
14 "Mastertown" and "Inment" Family F4
15 "Mrstoun" in scotlandspeople index of OPR births MASTERTON Margaret (I23)
16 "Thomaney" in son Francis's marriage certificate THOMMENY John (I1901)
17 "Widow" may be an error on death certificate  UNKNOWN? (I1286)
18 "Wiliam" MASTERTON William (I1466)
19 1)As prentice to Malcome Macklellane, 31 July 1573. 2)MASTERTON, Gilbert bookseller Edinburgh Edinburgh 1587 Laing's copy of CL Psalms. London: Vautrollier, 1587, had at the foot of the titlepage in manuscript imitation of roman type 'To be sauld at Gilbert Mastertonis in Edinburgh; on 15 April 1587 he acquired from Mr George Young, Archdeacon of St Andrews, the printing privilege which the latter had received in 1585; and Masterton in turn transferred this gift to John Gibson. (Lee 48; Appendix xv; DE.384,481). Will registered 6 February 1600. Aldis 1904; EdinTest .- Scottish Book Trade Index. National Library of Scotland MASTERTON Gilbert (I23)
20 1595 -96 dependant of Earl of Mar MASTERTON Gilbert ? (I119)
21 1881 in home of George Fisher Death certificate has parents as James Masterton and Isabella Brand informant of death Ann Fisher MASTERTON James (I777)
22 1918 - HM Forces, France HAYWOOD James Thomas (I179)
23 1930 US Census, Chicago MASTERTON George (I126)
24 21 Jul 1847 - unmarried, Baldridge House Dunfermline GRIER Jane (I217)
25 21 Jul 1847 - unmarried, Baldridge House, Dunfermline GRIER Elizabeth Hutchison (I227)
26 21 Jul 1847 - unmarried, Baldridge House, Dunfermline GRIER Ann(e) (I223)
27 25,Raymond Street Liverpool Wedding Sept quarter 1877 Liverpool Vol 8b 106  GLEESON Peter James (I10)
28 A dancer. MASTERTON Alonzo A (I311)
29 A minor in 1666. WILSON Alexander (I307)
30 Aberdour church register (St Fillans): Andrew Cant and MArgaret MAsterton produced lines of irregular marriage dated Edinburgh 21 3 1818. Gave here recorded as married persons. Vide min of session 14 6 1818. Family F1070
31 Acc to Form and Rites of Church of Scotland George ?? MA, St Michael's Parish, Edinburgh James White Agnes Smith witnesses John Westford ? Registrar. Family F76
32 acc to Forms and Rites of Church of Scotland E. Charles Roulston, Minister, St Leonard's, Dunfermline Thomas Hay, witness Maggie Hay, witness Family F656
33 acc to Forms and Rites of the Established Church George Park, Inverchoalain, minister Janet M Shaw James Jeckie, witnesses Jas Barr? registrar Family F61
34 acc to Forms of Free Church of Scotland witnesses John Murray, Catrin Hart  Family F149
35 Acc to Forms of the Church of Scotland George Wilson, Minister of St Michaels Parish, Edinburgh William Calder Janet Liddle, witnesses Wm Kirkaldy, Assist Registrar Family F20
36 acc to Forms of the Church of Scotland Robert Kyd, Minister of Stevenston Lizzie Sadler, witness John Sirnass (?) witness John Dickie, registrar Family F31
37 Accidentally killed by a train running against him MASTERTON Thomas (I450)
38 According to Forms of the U.P. Church William Reid, minister A Macainsh J McKelvie witnesses  Family F1448
39 according to rites of Established Church by licence; Charles Erskine BA; Witnesses: John Masterton, Eliza Elizabeth Gregg Family F782
40 according to rites of the Church of England; Minister Dale Chapman?; witnesses William Edward Loveridge; Ellen Masterton Family F779
41 According to the Rites of the Church of Christ Joshua Mortimer, Minister V Masterton  Family F747
42 Accused of re-setting two £50 notes  MASTERTON William (I223)
43 Acquired sloop "The Bounty of Kirkcaldy" from son-in-law John Millie GLASS Richard (I1184)
44 Adam Masterton witness MASTERTON Margaret (I31)
45 Adam Masterton witnesses documents connected to Pont family The inventory of the effects of William Bad, in the parish of Culross, made 1 September 1543, is registered in Register of Testaments, Dunblane, 1534-1547, H.M.Gen.Reg.House, Edinburgh. He owed Katherine Masterton 13s. 4d., and his daughter, Jonet Bad, is named as executrix. The will of Jonet Bad, in that parish, who names her son, Mr. William Paterson, one of her executors, is registered in same register (p. 34), 5th March 1552. MASTERTON Katherine (I90)
46 Adam Masterton, father, informant of death MASTERTON William Millar (I919)
47 adopted "Masterton" after marriage of mother to Robert Masterton MASTERTON Ida Lavinia Lawrence (I203)
48 adopted daughter, Sarah Di Lance MCINTYRE Jane (I1697)
49 adopted Jeanie, daughter of Sarah De Lance BALLANTYNE James (I1696)
50 Adopted. MASTERTON Kay Charles (I340)

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