Candie Cemetery, St Peter Port, Guernsey, Channel Islands



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Elsie May Rogers (ms Masterton)
Elsie May Rogers (ms Masterton)
In loving memory of Margaret Simon, the beloved wife of Thomas Rogers, who died November 18th 1904, aged 68 years. Her End Was Peace. Also of the above Thomas Rogers who died June 30th 1907 aged 55 years. Gone But Not Forgotten. Also of Elsie May Masterton, the beloved wife of Thomas James Rogers who died March 18th 1917 aged 38 years. To Memory Ever Dear. 
Located    MASTERTON Elsie May (d. 18 Mar 1917)
James and Louisa Masterton family
James and Louisa Masterton family
In remembrance of James Albert, the beloved son of James & Louisa A. Masterton who fell asleep in Jesus May 11th 1879 aged 11 months. Also of George their son died December 26th 1885 aged 26 days. Also of John Edward their son and the husband of Florence Ling who was drowned at sea on the S.S. Turret Hill May 15 1914 aged 34 years.
Peace Perfect Peace.
Also of James Frederick, their son and beloved husband of Elsie A. Leriche, torpedoed at sea, March 30 1917, aged 33 years & 10 months. He nobly did his duty & now he rests in peace.
Also of the above James Masterton, Captain merchant service died June 1st 1918, aged 72 years.
Safe Home in Port. 
Located    MASTERTON George (d. 26 Dec 1885)
MASTERTON James (d. 1 Jun 1918)
MASTERTON James Albert (d. 11 May 1879)
MASTERTON James Frederick (d. 30 Mar 1917)
MASTERTON John Edward (d. 15 May 1914)
John Masterton and Mary Phillips family
John Masterton and Mary Phillips family
In loving memory of John Masterton who died on the 20th December 1892 aged 77 years. Also in loving memory of Albert Masterton son of the above who was lost at sea while on a voyage from Sunderland to Santos on board the Baroud Juinpobes of Dundee, November 1891 aged 37 years & 7 months. Also of Alexander infant son of the above. Also of Mary Phillips widow of the above John Masterton who died on the 26th November 1912 aged 90 years. Also of John Masterton son of the above who died on the 20th August 1925 aged 75 years and 4 months. Also to the memory of Richard Denning the beloved husband of Sarah Masterton who died 31st December 1929 aged 85 years. Also of the above Sarah Masterton who died 20th February 1934 aged 83 years. In my father's house there are many mansions. 
Not yet located  MI 269  DENNING Richard (d. 31 Dec 1929)
MASTERTON Albert (d. Nov 1891)
MASTERTON Alexander (d. 21 Jan 1853)
MASTERTON John (d. 20 Aug 1925)
MASTERTON John (d. 20 Dec 1892)
MASTERTON Mary Sarah (d. 20 Feb 1934)
PHILLIPS Mary (d. 26 Nov 1912)