Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 JAMIESON George Ponton  1861Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I27
2 JAMIESON William  Abt 1840Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I28
3 MASTERTON Alison McEwan S  1898Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1939
4 MASTERTON Andrew  1 Sep 1884Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1717
5 MASTERTON David Newton  7 Jun 1888Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1716
6 MASTERTON George Scotland  11 Sep 1886Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1718
7 MASTERTON Georgina  1897Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1937
8 MASTERTON Isabella Foster Scotland  1893Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1833
9 MASTERTON Margaret Binnie  1922Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I2723
10 MASTERTON Margaret Newton  4 Apr 1890Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1719
11 MASTERTON Martha Dick  1883Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1940
12 MASTERTON Thomas Scotland  1901Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1773
13 PONTON Jane  1841Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I29


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 SCOTLAND Isabella Foster  1917Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1713


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON Alison McEwan S  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1939
2 MASTERTON Andrew  1891Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1717
3 MASTERTON Andrew  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1717
4 MASTERTON David Newton  1891Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1639
5 MASTERTON David Newton  1891Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1716
6 MASTERTON David Newton  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1639
7 MASTERTON David Newton  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1716
8 MASTERTON George Scotland  1891Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1718
9 MASTERTON George Scotland  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1718
10 MASTERTON Georgina  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1937
11 MASTERTON Isabella Foster Scotland  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1833
12 MASTERTON Margaret Newton  1891Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1719
13 MASTERTON Margaret Newton  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1719
14 MASTERTON Martha Dick  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1940
15 MASTERTON Thomas Scotland  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1773
16 SCOTLAND Isabella Foster  1891Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1713
17 SCOTLAND Isabella Foster  1911Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland I1713


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAILLIE / MASTERTON  21 Jun 1941Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland F1252
2 GIBB / MASTERTON  1920Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland F1886
3 MASTERTON / BELL  1917Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland F1247
4 MASTERTON / SCOTLAND  27 Oct 1882Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland F1191
5 MEIKLE / MASTERTON  1912Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland F1398
6 RITCHIE / MASTERTON  1918Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland F1396
7 SOMERVILLE / MASTERTON  1921Carriden, West Lothian, Scotland F1397