St Clement, Angus, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 MASTERTON Allan  1895St Clement, Angus, Scotland I1201 Mastertons from Forfar 
2 MASTERTON Matthew  1884St Clement, Angus, Scotland I117 Mastertons from Newburgh 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 MASTERTON Christina  1941St Clement, Angus, Scotland I174 Mastertons from Forfar 
2 MASTERTON Ellen White  1919St Clement, Angus, Scotland I686 Mastertons from Forfar 
3 MASTERTON Lavinia  1924St Clement, Angus, Scotland I75 Mastertons from Forfar 
4 WHYTE Helen  1935St Clement, Angus, Scotland I65 Mastertons from Forfar 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 COCKBURN (GRIFFITHS) Margaret  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I213 Mastertons from Forfar 
2 CRAWFORD Jane  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I1031 Mastertons from Culross 
3 GRAY Elizabeth  1911St Clement, Angus, Scotland I111 Mastertons from Newburgh 
4 MACDONALD Agnes Taylor  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I623 Mastertons from Culross 
5 MASTERTON Allan  1901St Clement, Angus, Scotland I1201 Mastertons from Forfar 
6 MASTERTON David  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I1048 Mastertons from Culross 
7 MASTERTON David  1891St Clement, Angus, Scotland I47 Mastertons from Newburgh 
8 MASTERTON David  1911St Clement, Angus, Scotland I291 Mastertons from Newburgh 
9 MASTERTON Elizabeth Jane  1911St Clement, Angus, Scotland I295 Mastertons from Newburgh 
10 MASTERTON George David  1911St Clement, Angus, Scotland I296 Mastertons from Newburgh 
11 MASTERTON Isabella  1901St Clement, Angus, Scotland I257 Mastertons from Forfar 
12 MASTERTON James Lyon  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I206 Mastertons from Forfar 
13 MASTERTON Jane Rankine  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I638 Mastertons from Culross 
14 MASTERTON Janet McDonald  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I840 Mastertons from Culross 
15 MASTERTON Jeanie  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I1035 Mastertons from Culross 
16 MASTERTON Jessie Morris  1911St Clement, Angus, Scotland I292 Mastertons from Newburgh 
17 MASTERTON John  1871St Clement, Angus, Scotland I641 Mastertons from Culross 
18 MASTERTON Matthew  1891St Clement, Angus, Scotland I117 Mastertons from Newburgh 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BROWN / MASTERTON  1903St Clement, Angus, Scotland F302 Mastertons from Forfar 
2 DOIG / MASTERTON  1901St Clement, Angus, Scotland F187 Mastertons from Forfar 
3 DUNCAN / MASTERTON  20 Sep 1919St Clement, Angus, Scotland F1084 Mastertons from Forfar 
4 HENDERSON / MASTERTON  1919St Clement, Angus, Scotland F629 Mastertons from Forfar 
5 MASTERTON / CHRISTIE  1939St Clement, Angus, Scotland F1056 Mastertons from Forfar 
6 MASTERTON / HORNE  1923St Clement, Angus, Scotland F364 Unlinked records 
7 MASTERTON / HORNE  1923St Clement, Angus, Scotland F299 Mastertons from Forfar 
8 MASTERTON / SEATON  31 Dec 1874St Clement, Angus, Scotland F61 Mastertons from Forfar 
9 SHAND / MASTERTON  1951St Clement, Angus, Scotland F630 Mastertons from Forfar 
10 SMITH / MASTERTON  1932St Clement, Angus, Scotland F1058 Mastertons from Forfar 
11 SMITH / NAY  1932St Clement, Angus, Scotland F1068 Mastertons from Forfar 
12 STEWART / MASTERTON  1928St Clement, Angus, Scotland F873 Mastertons from Forfar 
13 SWORD / BARROWMAN  1948St Clement, Angus, Scotland F232 Mastertons from Newburgh 
14 WALDIE / MASTERTON  1935St Clement, Angus, Scotland F874 Mastertons from Forfar