Queensland, Australia



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 HARRIS Bramwell Keith  Abt 1932Queensland, Australia I1091
2 HARRIS Kevin Charles  23 Nov 1934Queensland, Australia I1092
3 HARRIS William Edward Cranmer  19 Jul 1916Queensland, Australia I1083
4 MASTERTON Acresia Dorothy Vera  8 Mar 1905Queensland, Australia I1238
5 MASTERTON Auraria Daisy Marion  8 Nov 1895Queensland, Australia I1242
6 MASTERTON Charles Frederick Gordon  1885Queensland, Australia I1651
7 MASTERTON Cyril Hopetown  1901Queensland, Australia I1653
8 MASTERTON Florence Ethel  1892Queensland, Australia I1652
9 MASTERTON Grace Rutherford  2 Apr 1914Queensland, Australia I1239
10 MASTERTON Ivion Norman George  2 Dec 1899Queensland, Australia I1235
11 MASTERTON James Eric  1903Queensland, Australia I1649
12 MASTERTON John Lionel Claude  2 Oct 1898Queensland, Australia I1243
13 MASTERTON Melba Stanley Lewellyn  22 Aug 1902Queensland, Australia I1236
14 MASTERTON Moreton Rutherford Dawson  1 Oct 1892Queensland, Australia I1245
15 MASTERTON William Pioneer Mackay  1882Queensland, Australia I99
16 ZELLER Michael Charles  23 Mar 1888Queensland, Australia I1246


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ADDIS Amy Phyllis  1919Queensland, Australia I2135
2 ANDERSON May  1949Queensland, Australia I1249
3 HARRIS Bramwell Keith  Abt 2002Queensland, Australia I1091
4 HARRIS William Edward Cranmer  10 Sep 1922Queensland, Australia I1083
5 MASTERTON Acresia Dorothy Vera  24 Oct 1905Queensland, Australia I1238
6 MASTERTON Auraria Daisy Marion  21 Nov 1950Queensland, Australia I1242
7 MASTERTON Florence Ethel  1937Queensland, Australia I1652
8 MASTERTON James  1894Queensland, Australia I990
9 MASTERTON James  27 Dec 1956Queensland, Australia I212
10 MASTERTON James Adam  1942Queensland, Australia I966
11 MASTERTON James Eric  1910Queensland, Australia I1649
12 MASTERTON Jessie Collier  9 Oct 1978Queensland, Australia I1075
13 MASTERTON John Lionel Claude  18 Aug 1952Queensland, Australia I1243
14 MASTERTON John Richard McKay  1987Queensland, Australia I2623
15 MASTERTON Melrose Morel John  28 Jan 1895Queensland, Australia I1244
16 MASTERTON Michael  1914Queensland, Australia I996
17 MASTERTON Ronald Moreton  1986Queensland, Australia I1480
18 MASTERTON William  1951Queensland, Australia I676
19 MASTERTON William Farmes  3 Jul 1939Queensland, Australia I1019
20 MCWHORTER Marion Elizabeth Daisy  1934Queensland, Australia I1234
21 ROBINSON Maud  1978Queensland, Australia I1248
22 SIMPSON Elizabeth Sarah  1942Queensland, Australia I1650
23 STEVENS Ruby Pearl  26 Aug 1998Queensland, Australia I468
24 TIDY Margaret Ada  Bef 31 Jan 1923Queensland, Australia I1247
25 WATERSTON Maria Muir  1957Queensland, Australia I999
26 WHYTE Anne  1936Queensland, Australia I724


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 HARRIS William Edward Cranmer  Aft 10 Sep 1922Queensland, Australia I1083


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 MASTERTON / ANDERSON  1915Queensland, Australia F903
2 MASTERTON / CHALMERS  15 May 1926Queensland, Australia F805
3 MASTERTON / MERLE  1941Queensland, Australia F215
4 MASTERTON / O'SULLIVAN  1942Queensland, Australia F911
5 MASTERTON / ROBINSON  1926Queensland, Australia F904
6 MASTERTON / SHAW  25 May 1881Queensland, Australia F27
7 MASTERTON / SIMPSON  1884Queensland, Australia F539
8 MASTERTON / TIDY  1921Queensland, Australia F902