Newcastle-upon Tyne, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON Charles W  Bef Dec 1924Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I51
2 MASTERTON Charles William  6 Mar 1895Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I17
3 MASTERTON Christina Gray  12 Dec 1896Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I13
4 MASTERTON Eliza Nichol  Oct 1890Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I4
5 MASTERTON Ellen  Mar 1900Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I19
6 MASTERTON Florence  Dec 1897Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I18
7 MASTERTON Frederick  Bef Mar 1932Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I61
8 MASTERTON Gwendoline V  Bef Mar 1928Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I59
9 MASTERTON Jane Mill  Sep 1886Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I1
10 MASTERTON Janet Buttars Turner  Sep 1891Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I37
11 MASTERTON Jemima Bowman  Dec 1895Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I12
12 MASTERTON Joan  Jun 1892Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I9
13 MASTERTON Joan  Bef Mar 1927Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I42
14 MASTERTON John Henry  Bef Mar 1925Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I57
15 MASTERTON John McKay  Mar 1893Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I16
16 MASTERTON Margaret Moir  Sep 1898Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I15
17 MASTERTON William  Dec 1887Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I2
18 MASTERTON William Arthur  Bef Dec 1926Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I58


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BLAIR Mary Ann  Dec 1897Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I24
2 KINNEAR Joan  Dec 1933Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I26
3 MASTERTON Charles W  Bef Dec 1924Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I51
4 MASTERTON Eliza Nichol  Mar 1892Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I4
5 MASTERTON Frederick  Bef Sep 1933Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I61
6 MASTERTON James Bowman  Dec 1917Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I25
7 MASTERTON Joan  Bef Mar 1930Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I42
8 MASTERTON John Henry  2000Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I57
9 MASTERTON Margaret Moir  Mar 1903Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I15
10 MASTERTON William  Sep 1909Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I21
11 MASTERTON William Arthur  Bef Dec 1927Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I58
12 MCKAY Mary  Dec 1927Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I27
13 WOOD Gladys Catherine  1990Newcastle-upon Tyne, England I55


Matches 1 to 9 of 9

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GOODWIN / MASTERTON  Bef Dec 1921Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F30
2 HERRON / MASTERTON  Bef Jun 1925Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F36
3 MASTERTON / COLLINS  Bef Jun 1921Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F32
4 MASTERTON / KENNY  Bef Dec 1945Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F38
5 MASTERTON / WOOD  Bef Dec 1924Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F35
6 MCDONALD / MASTERTON  Oct 1910Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F18
7 PIRRIE / MASTERTON  Oct 1916Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F31
8 URWIN / MASTERTON  Bef Dec 1949Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F37
9 WELSH / MASTERTON  22 Aug 1927Newcastle-upon Tyne, England F2