Newburgh, Fife, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CLARK William  1845Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I1024
2 MASTERTON Agnes  Bef 9 Oct 1882Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I172
3 MASTERTON Andrew  Bef 3 Apr 1845Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I121
4 MASTERTON Blyth  4 May 1873Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I54
5 MASTERTON Cecilia  9 Apr 1861Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I145
6 MASTERTON David  Bef 3 Apr 1843Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I47
7 MASTERTON David  4 Dec 1868Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I147
8 MASTERTON David  12 Jun 1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I53
9 MASTERTON David  27 Mar 1876Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I148
10 MASTERTON George  15 Oct 1858Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I85
11 MASTERTON George  30 May 1862Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I45
12 MASTERTON George  19 Feb 1868Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I58
13 MASTERTON Helen  29 Jul 1838Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I14
14 MASTERTON Isabella  1864Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I39
15 MASTERTON Isabella  23 Mar 1866Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I52
16 MASTERTON Isabella  19 Nov 1866Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I46
17 MASTERTON Isabella Fowlis  1903Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I273
18 MASTERTON James  Bef 8 Nov 1812Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I5
19 MASTERTON James  Bef 22 Dec 1833Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I18
20 MASTERTON James  Bef 10 Jun 1838Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I20
21 MASTERTON James  12 Apr 1840Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I13
22 MASTERTON James  1857Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I84
23 MASTERTON James  9 Feb 1874Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I146
24 MASTERTON Jane (Jean)  Bef 3 Apr 1868Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I40
25 MASTERTON Janet  29 Jul 1838Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I15
26 MASTERTON Janet  Bef 2 Apr 1860Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I116
27 MASTERTON Janet (Jessie)  6 Jun 1864Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I51
28 MASTERTON Joann Menzies  1904Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I271
29 MASTERTON Johan  30 Oct 1870Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I41
30 MASTERTON John  19 Jan 1862Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I60
31 MASTERTON John  6 Aug 1864Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I89
32 MASTERTON John  26 Jan 1870Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I35
33 MASTERTON John  1882Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I112
34 MASTERTON John (Joe) Malcolm  23 Mar 1916Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I161
35 MASTERTON John (Spence)  13 Nov 1836Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I12
36 MASTERTON John Bruce  14 Jan 1826Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I11
37 MASTERTON Margaret  19 Jan 1815Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I6
38 MASTERTON Margaret  Bef 3 Apr 1854Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I38
39 MASTERTON Margaret  Bef 3 Apr 1873Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I42
40 MASTERTON Mary  Bef 26 May 1822Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I7
41 MASTERTON Nicholas Wilson  21 Jul 1819Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I36
42 MASTERTON Robert Davidson  1934Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I353
43 MASTERTON Robert Nicol  Bef 3 Apr 1856Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I81
44 MASTERTON Robert Ward  1909Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I287
45 MASTERTON William  9 Aug 1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I76
46 MASTERTON William Allan  1908Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I269
47 SPENCE James  Bef 2 Sep 1792Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I28
48 SPENCE Mary Ballingal  Bef 30 Jun 1811Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I8


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 FOTHERINGHAM Janet Bruce  Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I48
2 MASTERTON George Bruce  21 Oct 1810Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I4
3 MASTERTON George Bruce  20 Sep 1835Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I19
4 MASTERTON Isabella  26 Jul 1840Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I21
5 MASTERTON James  8 Nov 1812Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I5
6 MASTERTON James  22 Dec 1833Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I18
7 MASTERTON James  10 Jun 1838Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I20
8 MASTERTON John  1 Jan 1809Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I3
9 MASTERTON John  3 May 1832Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I17
10 MASTERTON John Bruce  22 Jan 1826Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I11
11 MASTERTON Margaret  22 Jan 1815Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I6
12 MASTERTON Mary  26 May 1822Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I7
13 MASTERTON Nicholas Wilson  1 Aug 1819Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I36
14 NAIRN Isabel(la)  17 Mar 1811Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I16
15 SPENCE Alexander  Nov 1821Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I64
16 SPENCE Andrew  13 Feb 1803Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I33
17 SPENCE Ann  7 Aug 1831Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I68
18 SPENCE Anne  14 Apr 1805Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I34
19 SPENCE Barbara  26 Mar 1794Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I29
20 SPENCE Charles  1 Mar 1787Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I72
21 SPENCE Christian  15 Feb 1789Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I73
22 SPENCE David  30 Oct 1796Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I30
23 SPENCE David  5 Sep 1824Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I65
24 SPENCE George  6 Feb 1791Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I74
25 SPENCE George  12 Oct 1828Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I67
26 SPENCE James  2 Sep 1792Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I28
27 SPENCE James  Jun 1826Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I66
28 SPENCE John Lyell  5 Jun 1836Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I70
29 SPENCE Margaret  12 Apr 1801Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I32
30 SPENCE William  29 Jul 1798Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I31
31 SPENCE William  12 May 1833Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I69


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 ALLAN Janet Venters  1969Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I162
2 ANDERSON Jane (Jean)  1879Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I43
3 BLYTH Elizabeth  1885Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I77
4 DAVIDSON Isabella  2005Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I288
5 DUNCAN Jessie Fleming  6 Jul 1961Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I185
6 MASTERTON Cecilia  Aft 9 Apr 1861Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I145
7 MASTERTON David  1870Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I147
8 MASTERTON George  1872Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I58
9 MASTERTON George Bruce  Bef 14 Oct 1884Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I4
10 MASTERTON Isabella  1867Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I46
11 MASTERTON Isabella Fowlis  1979Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I273
12 MASTERTON James  30 Dec 1862Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I84
13 MASTERTON James  Aft 9 Feb 1874Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I146
14 MASTERTON James  13 Feb 1891Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I5
15 MASTERTON Janet  1920Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I15
16 MASTERTON John  22 Feb 1864Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I60
17 MASTERTON John  Aft 26 Jan 1870Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I35
18 MASTERTON John (Joe) Malcolm  19 Apr 1990Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I161
19 MASTERTON Margaret  1930Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I38
20 MASTERTON Mary  Oct 1823Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I7
21 MASTERTON Robert Ward  1991Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I287
22 MASTERTON William  Bef 20 Sep 1853Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I135
23 NAIRN Isabel(la)  1863Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I16
24 SPEED Eizabeth  1885Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I82
25 SPENCE Mary Ballingal  25 Mar 1876Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I8
26 WETHERSPOON Isabella  1906Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 ANDERSON Jane (Jean)  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I43
2 BRUCE Janet  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I2
3 BRUCE Janet  1861Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I2
4 DUNCAN Jessie Fleming  1911Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I185
5 FOTHERINGHAM Janet Bruce  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I48
6 MASTERTON Agnes  1891Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I172
7 MASTERTON David  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I47
8 MASTERTON George  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I45
9 MASTERTON George  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I58
10 MASTERTON George Bruce  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I4
11 MASTERTON George Bruce  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I19
12 MASTERTON George Bruce  1861Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I4
13 MASTERTON George Bruce  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I4
14 MASTERTON George Bruce  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I19
15 MASTERTON George Bruce  1911Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I19
16 MASTERTON Isabella  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I21
17 MASTERTON Isabella  1861Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I21
18 MASTERTON Isabella  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I21
19 MASTERTON Isabella  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I39
20 MASTERTON Isabella  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I52
21 MASTERTON Isabella Fowlis  1911Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I273
22 MASTERTON James  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I5
23 MASTERTON James  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I13
24 MASTERTON James  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I5
25 MASTERTON Jane (Jean)  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I40
26 MASTERTON Janet  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I15
27 MASTERTON Janet  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I15
28 MASTERTON Janet  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I116
29 MASTERTON Janet  1891Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I116
30 MASTERTON Janet  1901Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I15
31 MASTERTON Janet  1911Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I15
32 MASTERTON Janet (Jessie)  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I51
33 MASTERTON Joann Menzies  1911Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I271
34 MASTERTON Johan  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I41
35 MASTERTON John  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I1
36 MASTERTON John  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I17
37 MASTERTON John  1861Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I1
38 MASTERTON John  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I17
39 MASTERTON John  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I89
40 MASTERTON John  1891Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I17
41 MASTERTON John  1891Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I112
42 MASTERTON John  1901Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I112
43 MASTERTON John  1911Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I112
44 MASTERTON Margaret  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I6
45 MASTERTON Margaret  1871Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I38
46 MASTERTON Margaret  1891Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I38
47 MASTERTON Margaret  1891Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I42
48 MASTERTON Margaret  1901Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I38
49 MASTERTON Margaret  1911Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I38
50 MASTERTON Nicholas Wilson  1841Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I36

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON John  Bef 29 Sep 1857Newburgh, Fife, Scotland I17


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BROUGH / MASTERTON  1929Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F190
2 FOTHERINGHAM / BRUCE  12 Sep 1836Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F40
3 MASTERTON / ANDERSON  29 Sep 1857Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F13
4 MASTERTON / BLYTH  7 Mar 1882Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F64
5 MASTERTON / FOTHERINGHAM  4 Jan 1864Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F39
6 MASTERTON / MENZIES  30 Dec 1859Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F15
7 MASTERTON / NAIRN  8 Feb 1831Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F3
8 MASTERTON / SPEED  1882Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F37
9 MASTERTON / SPENCE  29 Jan 1836Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F4
10 RODGER / MASTERTON  1925Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F189
11 SPENCE / CLARK  8 Feb 1778Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F59
12 SPENCE / WOTHERSPOON  19 Nov 1847Newburgh, Fife, Scotland F53