Liverpool, Lancashire, England



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BUNN Christina  1858Liverpool, Lancashire, England I131
2 BUNN Elizabeth  1860Liverpool, Lancashire, England I132
3 GLEESON Catherine  11 May 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I7
4 JONES Mary  (? 1816)Liverpool, Lancashire, England I3
5 MARSH Elizabeth  Jun 1853Liverpool, Lancashire, England I56
6 MASTERSON John, J.P.  1838Liverpool, Lancashire, England I1
7 MASTERSON Luke  (? 1812)Liverpool, Lancashire, England I2
8 MASTERTON Ann Jane  Sep 1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England I141
9 MASTERTON Charles William  Sep 1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England I94
10 MASTERTON Christina  Mar 1874Liverpool, Lancashire, England I57
11 MASTERTON David  Dec 1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I93
12 MASTERTON Eleanor Jane  Sep 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I143
13 MASTERTON Elizabeth Ann  Dec 1878Liverpool, Lancashire, England I58
14 MASTERTON John Hutton  Sep 1840Liverpool, Lancashire, England I139
15 MASTERTON Joseph  Dec 1889Liverpool, Lancashire, England I92
16 MASTERTON Margaret McDonald  Mar 1842Liverpool, Lancashire, England I123
17 MASTERTON Sarah Ann  Bef Jun 1847Liverpool, Lancashire, England I124
18 MASTERTON Tina  Sep 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England I142
19 MASTERTON William James  Sep 1876Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8
20 RUBY Charles  Bef 2 Apr 1896Liverpool, Lancashire, England I29
21 RUBY David  Bef 2 Apr 1901Liverpool, Lancashire, England I30
22 RUBY Jennet  Bef 2 Apr 1904Liverpool, Lancashire, England I31
23 STEELE Marion  1892Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22
24 TYRER Ann  Bef Mar 1833Liverpool, Lancashire, England I22


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GREGORY Marion  Mar 1921Liverpool, Lancashire, England I486
2 MASTERTON Ann Jane  Jun 1846Liverpool, Lancashire, England I141
3 MASTERTON Charlotte Murray  1994Liverpool, Lancashire, England I105
4 MASTERTON Eleanor Jane  Sep 1891Liverpool, Lancashire, England I143
5 MASTERTON James  Bef Mar 1877Liverpool, Lancashire, England I121
6 MASTERTON James  Dec 1972Liverpool, Lancashire, England I107
7 MASTERTON John Hutton  Mar 1841Liverpool, Lancashire, England I139
8 MASTERTON Tina  Sep 1872Liverpool, Lancashire, England I142
9 MASTERTON William James  1929Liverpool, Lancashire, England I8
10 RIGBY ? Ellen  (? Dec 1883)Liverpool, Lancashire, England I84
11 STEPHENS George Stanley  1937Liverpool, Lancashire, England I524
12 STEPHENS Solomon Theopholis  1938Liverpool, Lancashire, England I523


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON Elizabeth  Aft 17 Mar 1960Liverpool, Lancashire, England I121


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BREINGAN / MASTERTON  Dec 1856Liverpool, Lancashire, England F253
2 BUNN / MASTERTON  Dec 1856Liverpool, Lancashire, England F99
3 MASTERTON / DICKEY  Bef Sep 1870Liverpool, Lancashire, England F98
4 PRECIOUS / DICKEY  1845Liverpool, Lancashire, England F13
5 RUBY / MASTERTON  Mar 1894Liverpool, Lancashire, England F20
6 STEPHENS / MASTERTON  16 Jun 1881Liverpool, Lancashire, England F352