Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CARLYLE Thomas  1759Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I17
2 CARLYLE William  6 Oct 1788Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I39
3 CARLYLE Williamina  Bef 3 Apr 1857Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I29
4 JOHNSTONE Catherine  1766Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I18
5 MASTERTON Agnes Jane  1874Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I30
6 MASTERTON Catherine  Bef 28 Jan 1834Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I22
7 MASTERTON Catherine  1879Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I21
8 MASTERTON Edward  Bef 4 Jan 1831Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I13
9 MASTERTON Elspeth  1882Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I392
10 MASTERTON Janet  4 Mar 1837Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I15
11 MASTERTON Jean  15 Mar 1760Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I100
12 MASTERTON Jean (Jane)  Bef 28 Jan 1834Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I14
13 MASTERTON John Gilbertson  1901Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I228
14 MASTERTON Margaret  1884Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I393
15 MASTERTON Margaret Kirkpatrick  9 Mar 1922Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I480
16 MASTERTON Mary  1876Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I20
17 MASTERTON Ruth  1897Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I134
18 MASTERTON Thomas  Bef 3 Apr 1829Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I16
19 MASTERTON Thomas  1900Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I45


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON Catherine  28 Jan 1834Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I22
2 MASTERTON Edward  27 Apr 1792Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I7
3 MASTERTON Edward  4 Jan 1831Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I13
4 MASTERTON Janet  14 May 1837Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I15
5 MASTERTON Jean (Jane)  28 Jan 1834Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I14
6 MASTERTON William  5 Feb 1827Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I12


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 GILBERTSON Agness  1927Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I19
2 MASTERTON Catherine  1873Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I22
3 MASTERTON Elspy  1884Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I11
4 MASTERTON Mary  1959Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I20
5 MASTERTON Thomas  1908Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I16
6 MASTERTON William  1863Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I366


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 CARLYLE Jane  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I10
2 CARLYLE Jane  1861Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I10
3 GILBERTSON Agness  1891Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I19
4 GILBERTSON Agness  1901Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I19
5 GILBERTSON Agness  1911Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I19
6 GILBERTSON John  1891Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I31
7 MASTERTON Agnes Jane  1901Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I30
8 MASTERTON Catherine  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I22
9 MASTERTON Catherine  1861Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I22
10 MASTERTON Catherine  1891Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I21
11 MASTERTON Catherine  1901Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I21
12 MASTERTON Catherine  1911Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I21
13 MASTERTON Edward  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I7
14 MASTERTON Edward  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I13
15 MASTERTON Edward  1861Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I7
16 MASTERTON Edward  1861Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I13
17 MASTERTON Edward  1911Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I227
18 MASTERTON Elspeth  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I9
19 MASTERTON Elspeth  1861Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I9
20 MASTERTON Elspy  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I11
21 MASTERTON Janet  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I15
22 MASTERTON Jean (Jane)  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I14
23 MASTERTON Jean (Jane)  1861Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I14
24 MASTERTON John Gilbertson  1911Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I228
25 MASTERTON Margaret  1911Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I393
26 MASTERTON Mary  1891Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I20
27 MASTERTON Ruth  1911Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I134
28 MASTERTON Thomas  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I16
29 MASTERTON Thomas  1861Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I16
30 MASTERTON Thomas  1891Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I16
31 MASTERTON Thomas  1901Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I16
32 MASTERTON Thomas  1901Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I45
33 MASTERTON Thomas  1911Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I45
34 MASTERTON William  1841Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I12
35 MASTERTON William  1851Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland I12


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CARLYLE / MASTERTON  1859Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland F13
2 CLARK / MASTERTON  1952Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland F327
3 HYSLOP / MASTERTON  1952Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland F329
4 LOCKHART / MASTERTON  1868Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland F12
5 MARTINDALE / MASTERTON  1861Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland F18
6 MARTINDALE / MASTERTON  1913Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland F286
7 MASTERTON / GILBERTSON  1872Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries, Scotland F14