Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Grace  1825Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I35
2 Jane  Bef 3 Apr 1849Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I764
3 AULD Sarah  28 Dec 1759Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I2
4 BROWN Adam  1870Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1887
5 BROWN Ann  1821Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1428
6 BROWN David  1866Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1886
7 BROWN Isabella  1860Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1885
8 BROWN Janet  1883Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1888
9 BROWN Margaret  1875Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1889
10 BROWN William  1879Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1890
11 Lt BUCHAN Alastair Ebenezer  1894Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I336
12 CALDERWOOD Elizabeth  1863Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I26
13 CAMPBELL Jane  30 Nov 1854Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I49
14 COCHRAN Margaret  Bef 3 Apr 1846Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I293
15 CRAIGINGELT John  Abt 1595Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I97
16 DUFFUS Janet Dunbar  Bef 22 Oct 1875Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I195
17 EDDINGTON Peter  Abt 1866Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I167
18 FISHER Jane  Bef 3 Apr 1879Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I780
19 GALLIE Mary  Bef 3 Apr 1878Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I766
20 GIBB William  1816Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I781
21 GOW Elizabeth  3 Oct 1872Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I164
22 GOW William  Bef 3 Apr 1876Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I165
23 GRAHAM James  1875Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1902
24 GRAHAM John Rutherford  1879Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1904
25 GRAHAM William Masterton  1877Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1903
26 HARLEY Margaret  Bef 16 Mar 1852Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1424
27 HENDERSON Jane Kerr  1854Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1285
28 HENDERSON Robert  1874Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1838
29 HEPBURN Agnes Margaret  13 Aug 1925Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I481
30 HOGG Mary  28 Nov 1837Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I2473
31 INNES George  Bef 3 Apr 1848Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I24
32 JACKSON Charles M  1878Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1234
33 JACKSON James  1881Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1880
34 JACKSON John  1884Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1881
35 JACKSON William  1875Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1879
36 KELTIE Cecilia Masterton  25 Apr 1874Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I860
37 LAUCHLAN Mackie Baird  Bef 3 Apr 1857Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I829
38 MACKENZIE Sarah (Sally)  8 Feb 1912Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I189
39 MACLEAN Hannah  Bef 3 Apr 1831Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I710
40 MACLEAN Mary Ann  9 Jun 1834Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1720
41 MASON Ann Dow Bower  Bef 8 Jul 1881Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I151
42 MASTERTON Agnes  Bef 30 Mar 1848Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1167
43 MASTERTON Alexander  Bef 26 Feb 1769Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I190
44 MASTERTON Alexander  Bef 23 Jan 1796Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1
45 MASTERTON Alexander  1807Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1464
46 MASTERTON Alexander  Bef 30 Mar 1846Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1165
47 MASTERTON Ann  16 Jun 1805Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1465
48 MASTERTON David  Bef 28 Apr 1809Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1528
49 MASTERTON Elisabeth  Bef 9 Apr 1801Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1467
50 MASTERTON Elizabeth  Bef 30 Sep 1850Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1373

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 HOGG Margaret  29 Aug 1835Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I2472
2 HUTTON Robert  20 Dec 1796Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1002
3 MASTERTON Alexander  26 Feb 1769Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I190
4 MASTERTON Archibald  25 Mar 1813Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1377
5 MASTERTON Elisabeth  9 Apr 1801Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1467
6 MASTERTON Jane  19 Jun 1853Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1640
7 MASTERTON Jean  4 Aug 1811Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1379
8 MASTERTON Joseph  23 Sep 1855Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1279
9 MASTERTON William  5 Oct 1815Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1529


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BAILLIE Richard Grant  15 Mar 1973Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1724
2 BLACK Martha McKenzie  1983Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I404
3 BUCHAN Violet  Jun 1893Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I335
4 CONNELLY Theresa Devlin  1990Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I308
5 FRASER Adam Barclay Kennedy  15 Sep 1970Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I363
6 FULLERTON Sophia  1973Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1637
7 GALBRAITH Annie McKay  1971Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I2503
8 GIBB William  1888Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I781
9 GRANT Elizabeth Gilmour  1982Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1720
10 HAMILTON Ian  1960Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1266
11 KANE Catherine  1965Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1636
12 LEE Helen Hastings  1986Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I270
13 MASTERTON Agnes  26 Sep 1959Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I214
14 MASTERTON Catherine Kane  1980Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I2308
15 MASTERTON Duncan McSwan  1985Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I2669
16 MASTERTON Elizabeth Clark  20 May 1980Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1723
17 MASTERTON George  1970Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I417
18 MASTERTON Grace Maxwell  5 Oct 1980Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I996
19 MASTERTON Isabella Cowan  1999Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1761
20 MASTERTON Isabella Paterson  1970Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1471
21 MASTERTON James  13 Oct 1964Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I188
22 MASTERTON Jane (Jeanie)  1968Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I798
23 MASTERTON Jessie Christina  1969Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I9
24 MASTERTON Kate  1978Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I8
25 MASTERTON Louisa Mary Seaborne  1980Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I458
26 MASTERTON Margaret Munn  1969Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1635
27 MASTERTON Marion Tainsh  1966Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I106
28 MASTERTON Robert Peggie  1979Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I488
29 MASTERTON Walteretta Paterson  1984Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1774
30 MASTERTON William  Bef 9 Feb 1843Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I693
31 MASTERTON William Allan  1980Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I269
32 MCGILVRAY Angus  4 Dec 1978Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I187
33 REID Mary Johnston  1986Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I2673
34 RITCHIE Rachel McIntyre  2001Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I329
35 THOMSON Elizabeth West  1987Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I511
36 TURNER Margaret Stewart  2005Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I508
37 URE Ann Laurie  20 May 1830Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I273


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON Adam  1841Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1376
2 MASTERTON David  1841Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1528
3 MASTERTON James  1841Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I389
4 MASTERTON James  1851Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I6
5 MASTERTON Joseph  1841Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I523
6 MASTERTON William  1841Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1374
7 MUNN Agnes  1851Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I9
8 YOUNG Agnes  1841Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I1375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON James  1901Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland I62


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 FLETT / MASTERTON  4 Dec 1840Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F1535
2 HUTTON / TAGGART  10 Oct 1856Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F757
3 MACLEAN / NIVEN  17 Mar 1829Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F558
4 MASTERTON / GIBSON  29 Dec 1854Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F10
5 MASTERTON / GLASS  1973Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F123
6 MASTERTON / MCBRIDE  27 Mar 1908Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F123
7 MASTERTON / MCLAWS  20 Sep 1835Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F9
8 MCGILVRAY / MASTERTON  30 Jun 1939Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F125
9 URE / MCAULAY  12 Dec 1865Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F1498
10 WRIGHT / WILLIAMS  27 Dec 1846Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland F123