Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Christina  1823Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2349 Mastertons from Cramond 
2 Mary  1783Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1874 Mastertons from Culross 
3 AINSLIE George  1824Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2209 Mastertons from Culross 
4 BALLINGALL David Ronald Mc  Bef 3 Apr 1895Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1160 Mastertons from Culross 
5 BALLINGALL Ella Maud  Bef 3 Apr 1890Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1158 Mastertons from Culross 
6 BLAIR Mary Ann  Bef 7 Apr 1821Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I24 Mastertons from Newcastle 
7 BOWDEN George  1909Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1278 Mastertons from Forfar 
8 BROTHERSTON Alexander  1855Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I819 Mastertons from Forfar 
9 BROTHERSTON George  1860Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I820 Mastertons from Forfar 
10 CAIRNS Annie  Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I278 Mastertons from Newburgh 
11 CAMPSIE Agnes Tait  Abt 1887Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2020 Mastertons from Cramond 
12 CLUETT Frederick  2 Mar 1920Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2347 Mastertons from Cramond 
13 CRANSTON James  1849Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2186 Mastertons from Cramond 
14 DICK Andrew Masterton  15 Jun 1879Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2872 Mastertons from Cramond 
15 DICKSON Elizabeth  1890Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I427 Mastertons from Dumfriesshire 
16 EDDINGTON Henry  1883Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I173 Mastertons from Falkirk 
17 EDDINGTON John Castle  Abt 1868Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I168 Mastertons from Falkirk 
18 FORSYTH Mary  Bef 3 Apr 1827Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I19 Mastersons from Liverpool 
19 GALLIE Eliza Jane  21 Nov 1840Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I675 Mastertons from Cramond 
20 GALLIE Jessie  21 Jun 1836Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I677 Mastertons from Cramond 
21 GALLIE Mary  9 Apr 1838Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I676 Mastertons from Cramond 
22 HAY Helen Isabella  1897Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I262 Mastertons from Newburgh 
23 MASON Hannah  1897Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2385 Mastertons from Cramond 
24 MASON Robina  1899Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2386 Mastertons from Cramond 
25 MASON William Sim  1877Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1675 Mastertons from Cramond 
26 MASTERTON Agnes  1883Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I406 Mastertons from Forfar 
27 MASTERTON Alexander  Bef 22 Nov 1851Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I21 Mastertons from Peebles 
28 MASTERTON Ann  Bef 7 Apr 1853Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1703 Mastertons from Cramond 
29 MASTERTON Beatrice  1888Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I22 Mastertons from Glasgow 
30 MASTERTON Catherine  Bef 30 Mar 1838Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I295 Mastertons from Biggar 
31 MASTERTON Elisabeth Hetherton  6 Apr 1852Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1512 Mastertons from Cramond 
32 MASTERTON Elizabeth  Bef 30 Mar 1849Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1702 Mastertons from Cramond 
33 MASTERTON Grace  Bef 7 Apr 1854Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1700 Mastertons from Cramond 
34 MASTERTON Isabella (Elizabeth)  1885Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1338 Mastertons from Forfar 
35 MASTERTON James  Bef 6 Jun 1839Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I225 Mastertons from Biggar 
36 MASTERTON James  Bef 3 Apr 1846Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1624 Mastertons from Cramond 
37 MASTERTON James  9 Feb 1848Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1705 Mastertons from Cramond 
38 MASTERTON Jane  1887Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1339 Mastertons from Forfar 
39 MASTERTON Jane Forrester  1886Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I21 Mastertons from Glasgow 
40 MASTERTON Jane Graham  18 May 1848Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1701 Mastertons from Cramond 
41 MASTERTON Janet  Bef 29 Jun 1843Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1590 Mastertons from Cramond 
42 MASTERTON John  11 Jan 1844Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1557 Mastertons from Cramond 
43 MASTERTON John  23 Feb 1850Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1900 Mastertons from Cramond 
44 MASTERTON Peter  Bef 30 Mar 1849Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I33 Mastertons from Cramond 
45 MASTERTON William  Bef 29 Apr 1799Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I23 Mastertons from Newcastle 
46 MASTERTON William  Bef 31 Jan 1841Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I49 Mastertons from Cramond 
47 MASTERTON William  25 Aug 1851Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1559 Mastertons from Cramond 
48 MCKAY George  1802Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I66 Mastertons from Peebles 
49 MILNE Mary  Bef 3 Apr 1862Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I14 Mastertons from Cramond 
50 NIVEN Catherine Mary  Bef 3 Dec 1890Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I840 Mastertons from Cramond 

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID   Tree 
1 MASTERTON William  31 Jan 1841Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I49 Mastertons from Cramond 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BUCHANAN OR JACKSON Helen  1948Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I349 Mastertons from Cramond 
2 CAMERON Annie  17 Apr 1797Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I48 Unlinked records 
3 CLUETT Frederick  7 Nov 1981Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2347 Mastertons from Cramond 
4 COWAN Agnes Burt  14 Nov 1936Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I362 Mastertons from Largo 
5 GRIER Catherine Bonnar  17 May 1941Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I567 Mastertons from Cramond 
6 GRIER Euphemia  1889Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I439 Mastertons from Cramond 
7 GRIER Francis  1893Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I568 Mastertons from Cramond 
8 GRIER Robert Bonnar  1904Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I527 Mastertons from Cramond 
9 HASTIE Alison Mochrie  1997Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2045 Mastertons from Cramond 
10 HOGG Francis  1855Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2477 Mastertons from Cramond 
11 LOUDON Joyce Barbara  2001Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I234 Mastertons from Bathgate (1) 
12 MASTERTON Agnes Tait Campsie  1999Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2033 Mastertons from Cramond 
13 MASTERTON Agnes Vass Walkinshaw  29 Feb 2012Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I136 Mastertons from Peebles 
14 MASTERTON Alexander  23 Sep 1722Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1298 Unlinked records 
15 MASTERTON Alexander Anderson F  2005Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2750 Mastertons from Cramond 
16 MASTERTON Archibald  6 Oct 1779Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I234 Unlinked records 
17 MASTERTON Charles  3 Jun 1723Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1299 Unlinked records 
18 MASTERTON Constance Mary  2013Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I411 Mastertons from Largo 
19 MASTERTON David  5 Oct 1720Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1300 Unlinked records 
20 MASTERTON David Russell  2019Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I914 Mastertons from Glasgow 
21 MASTERTON Davidina  2000Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2039 Mastertons from Cramond 
22 MASTERTON Dugald  27 Sep 1800Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1439 Unlinked records 
23 MASTERTON Eileen May  2002Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2430 Mastertons from Culross 
24 MASTERTON Francis  4 May 1713Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I82 Mastertons of Parkmill 
25 MASTERTON George  1995Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I410 Mastertons from Largo 
26 MASTERTON George  2005Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I503 Mastertons from Biggar 
27 MASTERTON Janet  Bef 26 May 1664Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I768 Unlinked records 
28 MASTERTON Jean  1 Aug 1727Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1278 Unlinked records 
29 MASTERTON Katharine  25 Feb 1738Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I324 Mastertons from Newburgh 
30 MASTERTON Katherine  28 Feb 1780Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1742 Unlinked records 
31 MASTERTON Kathrine  25 Oct 1799Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1505 Unlinked records 
32 MASTERTON Louisa Stewart  2008Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2698 Mastertons from Cramond 
33 MASTERTON Margaret Petrie  2005Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I974 Mastertons from Forfar 
34 MASTERTON Margaret Salmon  1998Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I16 Mastertons from Glasgow 
35 MASTERTON Marion King Shiels  2001Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2700 Mastertons from Cramond 
36 MASTERTON Mary  1840Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I76 Mastertons of Parkmill 
37 MASTERTON Phyllis Crawford  1995Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2411 Mastertons from Culross 
38 MASTERTON Rachell  17 Jul 1717Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1283 Unlinked records 
39 MASTERTON Thomas Hutchison  2011Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2393 Mastertons from Culross 
40 MASTERTON William  8 Mar 1720Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1285 Unlinked records 
41 RAMAGE Jessie McIntosh  2013Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I53 Mastertons from Glasgow 
42 SPENCE George  1965Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I585 Mastertons from Largo 
43 TONER Jane Jack  Aug 2005Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1892 Mastertons from Cramond 
44 WARE Evelyn Annie  Mar 1987Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I2413 Mastertons from Cramond 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID   Tree 
1 MASTERTON Sarah  1851Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I1653 Mastertons from Cramond 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 LAWRIE Thomas  Bef 9 Nov 1857Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland I162 Mastertons from Dunfermline (1) 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 GRIER / ROBERTSON  1865Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F305 Mastertons from Cramond 
2 HANNAVY / MASTERTON  15 Feb 1944Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F281 Mastertons from Largo 
3 LAIDLAW / MASTERTON  16 Nov 1851Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F992 Mastertons from Forfar 
4 MARSHALL / MASTERTON  28 Jan 1770Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F123 Unlinked records 
5 MASTERTON / CAMERON  21 Jun 1772Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F21 Unlinked records 
6 MASTERTON / CUTHBERT  27 Dec 1836Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1198 Mastertons from Cramond 
7 MASTERTON / HASTIE  1952Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1458 Mastertons from Cramond 
8 MASTERTON / MACRITCHIE  28 Dec 1845Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F41 Mastertons from Peebles 
9 MASTERTON / WHYTHEAD  25 Nov 1656Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F9 Mastertons from Edinburgh (2) 
10 MUIRHEAD / DALRYMPLE  14 May 1704Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F13 Mastertons from Bothkennar 
11 RITCHIE / PRATT  1 Jun 1849Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1635 Mastertons from Cramond 
12 RODGER / REID  1900Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1043 Mastertons from Forfar 
13 SHIELS / MARR  4 Jul 1873Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1749 Mastertons from Cramond 
14 TENNENT / MASTERTON  4 Apr 1731Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F217 Mastertons from Newburgh 


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   Family    Divorced    Family ID   Tree 
1 MASTERTON / CLEGHORN  17 Sep 1940Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F816 Mastertons from Cramond 
2 WEMYSS / MASTERTON  28 Dec 1912Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1418 Mastertons from Cramond 

Divorce Filed

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   Family    Divorce Filed    Family ID   Tree 
1 SMITH / MASTERTON  9 Jul 1914Edinburgh, Midlothian, Scotland F1446 Mastertons from Cramond