Dundee, Angus, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER Ann  Bef 14 Oct 1820Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1340
2 BUIST James  3 Jan 1842Dundee, Angus, Scotland I394
3 DEWAR James  1795Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1
4 DOIG Eliza (Lizzie) Hynd  25 Sep 1866Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1633
5 DUNCAN Ann Croft Simpson  Bef 19 Sep 1863Dundee, Angus, Scotland I105
6 FERRIER Eliza  Bef 3 Apr 1834Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1635
7 GRAY Elizabeth  21 Jun 1868Dundee, Angus, Scotland I111
8 HUSBAND Alexander  1846Dundee, Angus, Scotland I446
9 HUSBAND Isabella  1862Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1337
10 HUSBAND James  1820Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1333
11 HUSBAND James  1859Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1336
12 HUSBAND Janet  1857Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1335
13 HUSBAND John  1852Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1334
14 JAMIE Alison Whitton  1906Dundee, Angus, Scotland I743
15 LONEY Elizabeth Crawford  1893Dundee, Angus, Scotland I432
16 LONEY Peter Wallace  27 Sep 1858Dundee, Angus, Scotland I746
17 LYON Jessie  4 Oct 1887Dundee, Angus, Scotland I119
18 MASTERTON Agnes  1885Dundee, Angus, Scotland I108
19 MASTERTON Ann  28 Apr 1860Dundee, Angus, Scotland I478
20 MASTERTON Ann  14 May 1874Dundee, Angus, Scotland I249
21 MASTERTON Cecilia  Aft 3 Apr 1878Dundee, Angus, Scotland I251
22 MASTERTON Christina Paton  3 Feb 1865Dundee, Angus, Scotland I480
23 MASTERTON David  3 Jun 1873Dundee, Angus, Scotland I256
24 MASTERTON David  1899Dundee, Angus, Scotland I202
25 MASTERTON Elizabeth Rattray  29 Jul 1858Dundee, Angus, Scotland I594
26 MASTERTON Ellen White  Bef 31 Mar 1883Dundee, Angus, Scotland I686
27 MASTERTON Emily Mechesney  4 Dec 1874Dundee, Angus, Scotland I259
28 MASTERTON Frank  23 Aug 1866Dundee, Angus, Scotland I269
29 MASTERTON Henry  15 Mar 1871Dundee, Angus, Scotland I270
30 MASTERTON Isabella  29 Sep 1868Dundee, Angus, Scotland I257
31 MASTERTON Margaret Paton  1 Jun 1862Dundee, Angus, Scotland I479
32 MASTERTON Margaret Pearson  16 Mar 1863Dundee, Angus, Scotland I595
33 MASTERTON Margaret Stewart  Bef 31 Mar 1885Dundee, Angus, Scotland I687
34 MASTERTON Mary Hope  Bef 7 Apr 1858Dundee, Angus, Scotland I11
35 MASTERTON Mary Pearson  26 Jan 1860Dundee, Angus, Scotland I484
36 MASTERTON Patrick Boyle  Bef 3 Apr 1877Dundee, Angus, Scotland I250
37 MASTERTON Robert Robertson  3 Nov 1857Dundee, Angus, Scotland I455
38 MASTERTON Thomas  Bef 12 Sep 1849Dundee, Angus, Scotland I7
39 MASTERTON William  Abt 1823Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1503
40 MASTERTON William  Bef 7 Aug 1854Dundee, Angus, Scotland I21
41 MASTERTON Wilson Gibson  12 Dec 1868Dundee, Angus, Scotland I217
42 MCKAY Annie  1894Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1410
43 MCKAY David  1884Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1405
44 MCKAY Harry  1892Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1409
45 MCKAY Helen  28 Nov 1898Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1400
46 MCKAY James  1889Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1408
47 MCKAY Margaret  1887Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1407
48 MCKAY William  1886Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1406
49 MECHESNEY Margaret  Bef 10 Nov 1833Dundee, Angus, Scotland I253
50 MUNRO Catherine  Bef 3 Apr 1850Dundee, Angus, Scotland I318

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 SCOLLAY Ellen  12 Nov 1848Dundee, Angus, Scotland I147
2 THOM Jessie  4 May 1845Dundee, Angus, Scotland I492


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BOYLE Bridget  22 Sep 1832Dundee, Angus, Scotland I473
2 DICKSON Agnes  1991Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1023
3 DODDS Violet  29 Jan 1997Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1186
4 ELDER Elisabeth  5 Aug 1852Dundee, Angus, Scotland I483
5 GILCHRIST Margaret  4 Nov 1986Dundee, Angus, Scotland I100
6 GORDON Mary Christie  10 Jan 1941Dundee, Angus, Scotland I747
7 JAMIE Alison Whitton  1993Dundee, Angus, Scotland I743
8 LONEY Elizabeth Crawford  1964Dundee, Angus, Scotland I432
9 MASTERTON Allan  1979Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1201
10 MASTERTON Ann  23 May 1835Dundee, Angus, Scotland I918
11 MASTERTON Catherine McTaggart  1970Dundee, Angus, Scotland I782
12 MASTERTON Charlotte  1992Dundee, Angus, Scotland I289
13 MASTERTON David  18 Jul 1970Dundee, Angus, Scotland I291
14 MASTERTON Elizabeth Jane  1990Dundee, Angus, Scotland I295
15 MASTERTON Elizabeth Rattray  1860Dundee, Angus, Scotland I594
16 MASTERTON Ethel  1989Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1188
17 MASTERTON Isabella Ormond  1970Dundee, Angus, Scotland I860
18 MASTERTON Jessie Morris  25 May 1968Dundee, Angus, Scotland I292
19 MASTERTON Pearl Gilchrist  27 Apr 1989Dundee, Angus, Scotland I150
20 MASTERTON Thomas  1989Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1071
21 MCKAY Helen  Mar 1977Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1400
22 NICOLL Annie Duncan  1968Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1525
23 OGILVIE Helen Masterton  16 Oct 1969Dundee, Angus, Scotland I337
24 PURDIE Maggie Robina  1993Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1493
25 SAMSON Isobel  29 Jan 1907Dundee, Angus, Scotland I120
26 WALKER Ann  27 May 1835Dundee, Angus, Scotland I442
27 WATSON Matthew Masterton  24 Nov 1975Dundee, Angus, Scotland I317
28 YOUNG Charlotte Jane  1979Dundee, Angus, Scotland I315


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BURNET Catherine  1851Dundee, Angus, Scotland I443
2 DUNCAN David  1861Dundee, Angus, Scotland I479
3 MASTERTON Agnes  1851Dundee, Angus, Scotland I451
4 MASTERTON Ann  1851Dundee, Angus, Scotland I452
5 MASTERTON Thomas  1851Dundee, Angus, Scotland I7
6 MASTERTON Thomas  1851Dundee, Angus, Scotland I450
7 MASTERTON William  1851Dundee, Angus, Scotland I23


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 ALEXANDER Ann  Bef 11 Mar 1845Dundee, Angus, Scotland I1340


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 CLARK / MASTERTON  29 Nov 1861Dundee, Angus, Scotland F290
2 DOIG / FERRIER  17 Dec 1863Dundee, Angus, Scotland F1194
3 LONEY / GORDON  25 Jul 1884Dundee, Angus, Scotland F535
4 LYON / CHALMERS  22 Jul 1887Dundee, Angus, Scotland F184
5 MASTERTON / BOYLE  30 Mar 1874Dundee, Angus, Scotland F179
6 MASTERTON / CONSTABLE  24 Jun 1662Dundee, Angus, Scotland F488
7 MCINTOSH / LAFFERTY  1 Jan 1890Dundee, Angus, Scotland F1796
8 NICOLL / GIBSON  7 Jul 1852Dundee, Angus, Scotland F611
9 ROSS / LEISHMAN  9 Apr 1926Dundee, Angus, Scotland F816
10 ROSS / MASTERTON  29 Jun 1898Dundee, Angus, Scotland F49