Perth, Perthshire, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 AIRD Isabella Reid  1891Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I4
2 AIRD Isabella Reid  1901Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I4
3 AIRD Isabella Reid  1911Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I4
4 BANNERMAN Mary Ann R M  1901Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I36
5 MASTERSON Charles William  1891Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I10
6 MASTERSON Charles William  1901Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I10
7 MASTERSON Charles William  1911Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I10
8 MASTERSON Isabella  1891Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I8
9 MASTERSON John, J.P.  1891Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I1
10 MASTERSON John, J.P.  1901Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I1
11 MASTERSON John, J.P.  1911Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I1
12 MASTERSON John Aird  1891Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I6
13 MASTERSON Julie Agnes  1891Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I9
14 MASTERSON Julie Agnes  1901Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I9
15 MASTERSON Lydia Jessie Kate  1891Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I11
16 MASTERSON Lydia Jessie Kate  1901Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I11
17 MASTERSON Mary Margaret  1891Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I5
18 MASTERSON Mary Margaret  1911Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I5
19 MASTERSON Robert  1901Perth, Perthshire, Scotland I7


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 GARDNER / MASTERSON  1907Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F7
2 LAWSON / MASTERSON  1909Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F9
3 MACKENZIE / MASTERSON  1912Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F3
4 MASTERSON / BANNERMAN  1898Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F5
5 MASTERSON / HENDERSON  1911Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F8
6 MASTERSON / LOVE  1893Perth, Perthshire, Scotland F4