Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 DICK Alexander Masterton  8 Sep 1853Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1151
2 DICK Helen  11 Aug 1856Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1152
3 DICK James  23 Feb 1844Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1149
4 DICK John  19 Mar 1840Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1148
5 DICK Robert  30 Dec 1845Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1147
6 DICK William Masterton  20 Mar 1851Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1150
7 MASTERTON Agnes Rankine  Bef 30 Jun 1822Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I649
8 MASTERTON Jane  Bef 3 Apr 1843Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I656
9 MASTERTON Margaret  Bef 6 Jun 1839Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1168


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON Helen  1934Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I678
2 MASTERTON Isabella  1944Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I679


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 DUNCAN Isabella  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I671
2 FORSYTH Elizabeth  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I559
3 FORSYTH Elizabeth  1871Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I559
4 HONEYMAN Helen  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I699
5 MASTERTON Agnes  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I583
6 MASTERTON Alexander  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I670
7 MASTERTON Alexander  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I690
8 MASTERTON Alexander  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I670
9 MASTERTON Alexander  1891Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I670
10 MASTERTON Alexander  1891Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I680
11 MASTERTON Alexander  1901Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I670
12 MASTERTON Ann  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1169
13 MASTERTON David  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I706
14 MASTERTON David  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I697
15 MASTERTON David  1871Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I697
16 MASTERTON Elizabeth  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I702
17 MASTERTON George Whyte  1891Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I681
18 MASTERTON George Whyte  1901Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I681
19 MASTERTON Helen  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I703
20 MASTERTON Isobel  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I572
21 MASTERTON Jean  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I683
22 MASTERTON Jean (Jane)  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I675
23 MASTERTON John  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I589
24 MASTERTON John  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I704
25 MASTERTON Margaret  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I1168
26 MASTERTON Margaret  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I560
27 MASTERTON Marion  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I892
28 MASTERTON Robert Knox  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I707
29 MASTERTON William  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I550
30 MASTERTON William  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I575
31 MASTERTON William  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I684
32 Reverend Sir MASTERTON William, K.D.  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I701
33 MASTERTON William  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I557
34 MASTERTON William  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I575
35 MASTERTON William  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I607
36 MASTERTON William  1861Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I676
37 SMART Jean  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I682
38 WAUGH Margaret  1841Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I576
39 WHYTE Agnes  1891Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I672
40 WHYTE Agnes  1901LArbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland I672


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 DICK / MASTERTON  1 Jan 1850Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland F552
2 MCEWAN / MASTERTON  1891Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland F530
3 PORTEOUS / MASTERTON  1885Larbert, Falkirk,Stirling, Scotland F529