Carnwath, Parish Of Carnwath



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 MASTERTON Barbara  23 Dec 1827Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I13
2 MASTERTON David  24 Jun 1838Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I8
3 MASTERTON Helen  22 Aug 1830Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I11
4 MASTERTON Janet  10 Feb 1833Carnwath, Parish Of Carnwath I16
5 MASTERTON Jean (Jane)  6 Jun 1841Carnwath, Parish Of Carnwath I15
6 MASTERTON John  11 Mar 1821Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I10
7 MASTERTON John  19 Jul 1847Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I20
8 MASTERTON Marion  9 May 1819Carnwath, Parish Of Carnwath I17
9 MASTERTON Thomas  9 Nov 1835Carnwath, Parish Of Carnwath I18


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BROWN Janet  1869Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I9
2 MASTERTON David  1918Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I8
3 MASTERTON John  12 Mar 1862Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I5
4 MASTERTON Thomas  1878Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I18


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Census    Person ID 
1 BROWN Janet  1851Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I9
2 BROWN Janet  1861Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I9
3 MASTERTON Alexander  1871Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I21
4 MASTERTON David  1841Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I8
5 MASTERTON David  1851Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I8
6 MASTERTON David  1861Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I8
7 MASTERTON David  1871Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I8
8 MASTERTON Helen  1841Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I11
9 MASTERTON Helen  1851Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I11
10 MASTERTON Helen  1861Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I11
11 MASTERTON Janet  1841Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I16
12 MASTERTON Janet  1851Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I16
13 MASTERTON Jean (Jane)  1841Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I15
14 MASTERTON Jean (Jane)  1851Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I15
15 MASTERTON John  1841Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I5
16 MASTERTON John  1851Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I5
17 MASTERTON John  1861Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I5
18 MASTERTON Thomas  1841Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I18
19 MASTERTON Thomas  1851Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I18
20 MASTERTON Thomas  1871Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath I18


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BURNSIDE / MASTERTON  24 Mar 1848Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath F10
2 MASTERTON / CREELMAN  24 Jan 1873Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath F15
3 MASTERTON / REID  26 Mar 1847Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath F11
4 WILSON / MASTERTON  9 Jul 1869Carnwath, Parish of Carnwath F12