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Matches 1 to 22 of 22 for Tree equals Mastertons from London

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F25
BENNETT George MASTERTON Florence Elizabeth Dec 1915 Croydon, Surrey, England  Mastertons from London 
2 F12
CUNNINGHAM Richard Lee MASTERTON Alice Gertrude Dec 1892 Brentford, London, England  Mastertons from London 
3 F5
MASTERTON Albert Edward MEPHAM Alice Helena Dec 1901 Croydon, Surrey, England  Mastertons from London 
4 F15
MASTERTON Albert Victor STEDMAN Minnie M Dec 1914 Milton, Kent, England  Mastertons from London 
5 F9
MASTERTON Alfred Ernest DWIGHT Harriet Selina Sep 1875 Hendon, Middlesex, London, England  Mastertons from London 
6 F1
MASTERTON Charles Elizabeth Yes, date unknown  Mastertons from London 
7 F27
MASTERTON Charles Ann   Mastertons from London 
8 F29
MASTERTON Charles Henry KING Caroline Emma Mar 1858 Islington, London, England  Mastertons from London 
9 F7
MASTERTON Charles William JONES Emily Sep 1874 Camberwell, London, England  Mastertons from London 
10 F2
MASTERTON Edward Charles LOCKWOOD Elizabeth Alice 23 May 1837 Parish Chapel, St Pancras, Camden, London, England  Mastertons from London 
11 F6
MASTERTON Ernest James MOSS Elsie Sep 1904 Kensington, London, England  Mastertons from London 
12 F10
MASTERTON Harry Ernest BISSHOPP Annie Dec 1907 Southwark, London, England  Mastertons from London 
13 F26
MASTERTON Henry Jeffery NOAKES Ethel Maud Jun 1906 Croydon, Surrey, England  Mastertons from London 
14 F8
MASTERTON Sidney Charles Frederick SNEAD Annie Mary A Sep 1899 Wandsworth, London, England  Mastertons from London 
15 F4
MASTERTON Walter Albert JEFFERY Sarah Jane Sep 1871 Camberwell, London, England  Mastertons from London 
16 F21
MASTERTON Walter Charles SEDGWICK Ethel May Sep 1917 Bromley, Kent, England  Mastertons from London 
17 F20
MICHELSON Theodore MASTERTON Winifred Eveline Mar 1930 Leeds North, Yorkshire, England  Mastertons from London 
18 F22
SEDGWICK Albert E MASTERTON Katie Maud Jun 1915 Bromley, Kent, England  Mastertons from London 
19 F11
TOOVEY Thomas Fraser MASTERTON Clara Hannah Mar 1863 Pancras, London, England  Mastertons from London 
20 F13
TREND Arthur Edward MASTERTON Lilly Emily Mar 1905 Camberwell, London, England  Mastertons from London 
21 F14
WEEKLY Matthew Alfred MASTERTON Lily Louise Sep 1909  Mastertons from London 
22 F28
WOOD Thomas J MASTERTON Jessie Isabella Mar 1919 Camberwell, London, England  Mastertons from London