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Matches 1 to 18 of 18 for Tree equals Mastertons from Edinburgh (3)

 #  Family ID   Father's Name    Mother's Name    Married    Location   Tree 
1 F21
CARTER Maxwell MASTERTON Elizabeth 1927 Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
2 F20
CRAWFORD Peter MASTERTON Janet Crawford 1935 Blythswood, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
3 F15
DONALD William MCNALLY Susan Fraser   Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
4 F13
FRASER Daniel BARTON Elizabeth   Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
5 F4
MASTERTON Donald Fraser ROBERTSON Christina Donla..   Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
6 F7
MASTERTON George Blyth BALLANTYNE Janet Crawford 1902 Blythswood, Lanark, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
7 F9
MASTERTON James BLYTH Catherine Abt 1833 Edinburgh, Scotland?  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
8 F8
MASTERTON James FRASER Susan 1855 Dean, Boroughmuirhead and Morningside, Edinburgh, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
9 F1
MASTERTON James TERRY Charlotte 1883 West Ashford, Kent, England  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
10 F10
MASTERTON John Fraser CALDERWOOD Elizabeth 1891 Blythswood, Lanark, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
11 F14
MASTERTON Robert Farrell Marian   Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
12 F12
MASTERTON Robert Farrell CHALMERS Agnes Buck 1893 Gorbals, Glasgow, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
13 F17
MASTERTON Ronald John (Jock) Marjorie   Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
14 F6
MATHEWSON Andrew Cumming MASTERTON Kate 1921 Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
15 F11
MCDOWALL William Bell MASTERTON Jessie Christina 1924 Gorbals, Lanark, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
16 F3
MCNALLY John Douglas MASTERTON Catherine Blyth 1891 Blythswood, Lanark, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
17 F29
ROBERTSON William Thom MASTERTON Margaret Robertson 1933 Scotstoun and Yoker, Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3) 
18 F22
SHARP Norman Craig MASTERTON Susan Fraser 1947 Busby, Renfrewshire, Scotland  Mastertons from Edinburgh (3)