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201 Deaf Dumb WRIGHT Charles (I166)
202 Deaf Dumb WILLIAMS Elizabeth (I167)
203 Death certificate has Adam Keltie as father (error? - informant was Archibald Dewar, brother-in-law) KELTIE Arnot (I1351)
204 death certificate has father as "Charles" (error) informant of death Annie Edwards, granddaughter MASTERTON Ann (I85)
205 death certificate has mother's ms as Low FLEMING OR LOW Janet (I1297)
206 death certificate states "single" MASTERTON William (I23)
207 death reported by William White, cousin, gardener, Cramond House MASTERTON James (I1123)
208 Did not have children.

Godparents were Irene and Milton Niebling. 
KRUSE Richard Milton (I263)
209 died a pauper, informant of deah John Masterton, grandson, Carnwath MASTERTON Janet (I16)
210 Died a Pauper. Informant of death Robert McDonald, Asst Inspector of Poor. RUTHERFORD Isabella Gray (I294)
211 Died due to an accident when he was 22 by the Morton public house in Johnstown when out cycling knocked down by a car VAUGHAN Sidney (I49)
212 Died during birth of third child. Doctor's negligence. HANAS Debra (I190)
213 Died from pneumonia from a bean from a bean shooter going into his lung. LAYS David George (I276)
214 Died of an anuerism. BRADY Patricia Carol (I43)
215 Died of complications of being an alcoholic.
Trained as an electrician. Moved to Alaska. 
LAYS William Robert (I287)
216 Died on beach near red rocks MASTERTON Mary (I1051)
217 dies at her brother's Captain Alexander Masterton's home MASTERTON Catherine (I2211)
218 Disp in favour of mother, Catharin Bennet, relict of Thomas Mastertoun, an dnow spouse of John Boswell, 28 10 1713  MASTERTON Marjorie (I1564)
219 divorced before 1930 MACKINTOSH Jessie D (I137)
220 divorced before 1930 MASTERTON Hugh (I74)
221 dom 20 White St Lochgelly when daughter Agnes (Nan) born. Later emigrated to USA GRIER James (I163)
222 double wedding with sister NIMMO Margaret Wardrop (I64)
223 double wedding with sister NIMMO Janet Taylor (I67)
224 drowned at age of 9 SCOTT John (I1292)
225 Drowned in "Lady Jane Dundas", East Indiaman ROBERTSON Thomas (I284)
226 Drowned in the Canal while taking his younger siblings on a picnic.

When asked by a neighbor where her brother was, Ruth said he went swimming and did not come back.

Evelyn did not know they were gone. 
LAYS James Bernard (I281)
227 Drowned. LAYS James Bernard (I281)
228 Dunfermline Press deaths column 7 Feb 1942 gives date of death as 30 Jan 1942 LOW Mary (I81)
229 Effects £5501 4s 8d MASTERTON John MacLean (I713)
230 Effects £7867 16s. 8d. in England. WATKIN Ella A (I488)
231 elected teacher of writing, High School of Edinburgh, 26 August 1795  MASTERTON Dugald (I1438)
232 elected teacher of writing, High School of Edinburgh, 26 August 1795  MASTERTON Dugald (I1439)
233 Elizabeth Masterton Ferrier was his third wife CUNNINGHAM John James (I63)
234 Engert, Sandra Jean, age 65, died August 23, 2009 after a courageous battle with pancreatic cancer. She was a member of VFW Post 202 Ladies Auxiliary, and the American Legion Jewell Buckman Post 529 of Holley. Predeceased by her husband Walter “Buzz” Engert Sr. She is survived by 14 children, Jay (Petra) Engert Jr. of Holley, Mike (Suzette) Engert of Spencerport, Doug (Roxanne) Engert of Rochester, Ann (Rob) Deskins of Albion, Charles (Ramona) Keitel Jr. of Colorado, Lori (Scott) Caskey of Maryland, Diana Cranston of Albion, Cherie (Jonathan) Black of Brockport, Mary (Russell Sr.) Tirpak of New Jersey, Mari Lou Engert of Florida, Susie (Jim Sr.) Devault of Holley, Lucy (Chris) Engert Chambry of Bergen, Benjamin (Nicole) Cranston of Florida, Terrance (Meagen) Cranston of Batvaia; 36 grandchildren; 17 great-grandchildren; three sisters, Ruth Babcock of Rochester, Janice (Pat) Marconi of Arizona, Bonnie (Bill) Louk of Alabama; brother, Robert “Bucky” (Dori) Lace of Arkansas; “adopted daughter” Debbie Rothman of Holley; first husband, Charles Keitel Sr.; many nieces and nephews.

Funeral Services were held August 27 at the Merrill-Grinnell Funeral Home, Holley. Burial in Sandy Creek Cemetery. Contributions can be made to the Holley Community Center in her memory.
LAYS Sandra (I286)
235 Enlisted 14/4/15 ; Draft for MEF 9/9/15, joined Drake Bn. 21/9/15-12/10/15 Debility, rejoined Drake Bn. 5/11/15-8/12/16 Influenza, Invalided to UK 16/12/16 ; Draft for BEF 19/3/17, joined Drake Bn. 11/4/17-13/7/17 BW left arm, Invalided to UK 21/7/17 ; Draft for BEF 18/10/17, joined Drake Bn. 13/11/17-30/12/17 DD. Rated AB Higher Grade 19/8/16, reverts to AB 24/1/17, Rated Leading Seaman 23/5/17, reverts to AB Higher Grade 17/10/17, Rated Acting Leading Seaman 16/11/17 ; A Footballer ; b.29/6/1894 ; Next-of-Kin & home address: Parents, Abraham & Ellen, 8 Tannadice St., Dundee. MASTERTON William Low (I637)
236 Enlisted 29/9/15 age 20 ; Embarked RM Brigade 28/6/16 ; Draft for BEF 25/9/16, joined 2nd RM Bn. 5/12/16-28/4/17 DD. MASTERTON Charles William (I94)
237 Enlisted 6/10/14 ; Drake Bn. C/1395 Scout 3/11/14-29/4/15 Bayonet wound arm, rejoined Drake Bn. 24/7/15-4/9/15 Influenza, Invalided to UK 9/9/15 ; Draft for BEF 24/11/16, posted to 189th Brigade MG Company 12/2/17-24/4/17 DD. MASTERTON Forbes (I335)
238 entry begun in 1930 census then scored out - not at family home? known as Arthur MASTERTON David Arthur (I1744)
239 est birth year c 1590 member of Committee of War, 1648 MASTERTON Robert, Of Bad And Parkmylne (I11)
240 Established Church of Scotland Family F51
241 Established Church of Scotland Family F1450
242 Established Church of Scotland Family F25
243 Established Church of Scotland Family F12
244 Estate valued at £3600. 9s. 11d. MASTERTON James (I21)
245 estimated birth year, c 1617 member of Committee of War, 1648 MASTERTON John, Of Parkmilne (I25)
246 Evelyn and Marguerite were raised at St. Patrick's Orphanage.

Evelyn likely suffered from Post-Partum Depression. She was largely absent and inactive in raising her children. 
MASTERTON Evelyn Catherine (I325)
247 Exchequer Rolls of Scotland 1502-08 Register Great Seal of Scotland, 21 Dec 1528 MASTERTON John (I2)
248 Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, 1550 Register Great Seal of Scotland, 12 Feb 1551 MASTERTON Grizel (I10)
249 Exchequer Rolls of Scotland, 1550 Register Great Seal of Scotland, 12 Feb 1551 Register Great Seal of Scotland, 1 Aug 1559 MASTERTON Thomas (I12)
250 Exchequer Rolsl of Scotland, 1550 Register Great Seal of Scotland, 12 Feb 1551 FORRESTER Walter (I11)

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