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101 After banns publication according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland H M Davidson, Minister of St Andrews Parish Robert Erskine Jessie Wilson, witnesses Family F6
102 After Publication according to the forms of the Church of Scotland Family F46
103 After publication according to the Forms of the Established Church of Scotland; Thomas D Meredith MA (Minister); William W C Russell, witness Matilda F Hendry, witness Family F886
104 After publication according to the Forms of the Free Chruch of Scotland William Lindsay, Cathcart Free Church Harry Masterton, witness Janet Gibbon, witness Family F132
105 After Publication according to the forms of the Roman Catholic Church Michael Canon Phelps, St MAry's Forebank George Moffat Ellen Currie, witnesses Jas Murray, Registrar Family F588
106 After publications according to the Forms of the Congregational Church R K Scott, Minister of Richmond Cong Church F J Milne, witness Robert McDonald, witness Family F1595
107 After publications according to the Forms of the Episcopal Church in Scotland Harry Reid John Smart Watson, witness Mary Wallace, witness Family F1599
108 after regular procalmation on the 9th Family F284
109 Age at death from pre-1855 Monumnental Inscriptions for Angus (gravestone now illegible) MASTERTON James (I6)
110 Alexander Masterton Agnes Hinton? witnesses Family F105
111 Alexander Masterton eldest son of late James Masterton is now 17 and past years of tutory. Chooses curators David Watson merchant and William Moodie mason. MASTERTON Alexander, in Blairathie (I41)
112 alive 1986 COPLAND John (I470)
113 also in 1881 a neice, Helen Masterton aged 1, born in Edinburgh MASTERTON Thomas (I381)
114 also in 1881, nephew John Duncan, House carpenter, aged 20, unmarried, born Scotland GRIER John (I240)
115 also listed as Elisabeth Mossgrove MUSGROVE (MOSSGROVE) Elizabeth (I187)
116 also listed as Mosgrove MUSGROVE William (I200)
117 also Sarah Masterton, in same house, aged 39, from Cramond tree. MASTERTON Agnes Nicholson (I2185)
118 Anna Carrin complains that Alexander Masterton, to whom she bore a child in fornication under promise of marriage, has paid her nothing for its maintenance for 4 years and now intends to marry Elspeth Moncrieff in Lassodie. The session decides that AM will not be given permission to marry unless he pays. On 4 June he pays 20 dollars scots. MONCREIFF Elspet (I46)
119 Arras Memorial Bay 1 and 2 MASTERTON Robert (I127)
120 Arras Memorial Bay 9 MASTERTON William Hill (I1080)
121 as cert by A J McGregor MD MASTERTON James (I884)
122 assumed to be the son of Alexander, but not proven MASTERTON George Merritt (I559)
123 At Edinburgh, on the 27th ult. Captain Masterton, of Inverkeithing, to Jane, eldest daughter of the late Mr David Greig, Kinghorn.  Family F2
124 At the Free Church Manse, after Banns, according to the Forms of the Free Church of Scotland. Usual residence Alexander Bain - Portmoak Devina Ross - Scotlandwell, Portmoak Witnesses: Robert Scott Ann Hepburn Ann Hepburn Family F62
125 Attestation soldier number 617 MASTERTON Meinhoff David (I2229)
126 Attestation to KOSB, soldier number 5367 MASTERTON Dickson Nimmo (I152)
127 Attestation to Royal Scots (Lothian Regiment) soldier number 6388 MASTERTON Charles (I115)
128 Author of "Remarques by Francis Masterton 1660 - 1719" graduate of Edinburgh University, 1663 MASTERTON Francis, of Parkmilne (I36)
129 author of Evidence on the Employment of Children, a copy in Dunfermline library. acknowledged as a source on coalfields by Rev Chalmers in History of Dunfermline GRIER James (I173)
130 Bankrupt 1861 DRAPER Henry Masterton (I963)
131 Bankrupt 1864 informant of death David Oswald, undertaker MASTERTON John (I14)
132 baptism incorrectly registered as Alexander Mosterun MASTERTON Alexander (I2053)
133 Based on ages and birthplaces of William and Alonzo. MASTERTON James (I333)
134 Bedwellty Parish Church Witnesses: Annie Leary Joan Daniels Family F84
135 Being her granddaughter I was entitled to many extra privileges. She was an avid sewer and each weekend I would have a new dress, skirt, or shorts to wear.
She was an avid church goer, and Sunday's were for church and sunday school.
-Helen Ferguson-Root 
MASTERTON Kathryn Margaret (I339)
136 believed to be the illegitmate child of Mrs Masterton (1881 census note) MASTERTON John Benjamin MacDonald (I127)
137 Bibliothèque et Archives Canada, Listes de passagers, 1865 à 1935, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada: Bibliothèque et Archives Canada Source (S47)
email from Cousin Helen, August 17, 2005.
Thank you Kathy for all the information you forwarded. I have printed it off as it will take me awhile to absorb all the information, and make the connections.

I was pleased to hear that your Mother was going to Ireland. Did you know that the Masterton family originated in Ireland? Unfortunately, our cousin, Lucile (Hinton) Bonner passed away a couple of years back, but she and I had planned to make the trip to Ireland together, but we planned it too late.

Did your Mother ever tell you that the Masterton's moved to North Carolina back in the late 1800?
They were farmers in the Simcoe area, but were told that in North Carolina you could get two crops a year, while in Canada you could get only one. They packed up, bag and baggage and moved south, only to find that they still could only get one crop, so after one season, moved back to Simcoe area. The oldest daughter Mary ( sister of Kathryn, your gg grandmother) had become attached to the bachelor farmer next door, so she married him and stayed in North Carolina. They eventually moved to Greensboro. His name was Hinton (not sure of his first name) and they had one son, Tom Hinton, who was Celie's (Lucile) father. Celie went to Chapel Hill, graduated in nursing and went on to marry one of her profs, Brant Bonner, who was a Canadian from Ridgetown, Ontario, eventually they moved back to Ontario. They are both buried in a cemetery in Ridgetown.

Your grandfather had a bout of pneumonia, in his late teens (or early twenties), that was taking too long to cure so he was sent to his Aunt Mary's in Greensboro. This is when he met Aunt Evangeline. He never returned to Ontario.

Thought I should relate this bit of trivia to you before I get too much older and forget.
Once again, thank you for your info on the Tainsh clan
Take care
===== 2817&pgpl=pid#Current
MASTERTON William (I366)
139 Birth date clashes with that of David MASTERTON Helen (I573)
140 Birth registered as "Masterton". Middle initials imply father? WS and Nellie married later that year. MASTERTON Francis W S (I2199)
141 Blind DUNCAN David (I479)
142 Blind MASTERTON Archibald (I711)
143 Blind MASTERTON Frances Nellie (I248)
144 boarding in home of Wm Martin and MAry MArtin (nee McLean) MASTERTON Jemima (I778)
145 Bond 5 May 1682, brother of Adam Masterton of Grange MASTERTON John (I121)
146 Book Vol 8B Page 733 Family F5
147 Born two days after the death of his father, James and christened two days after the death of his eldest brother, also named Adam.  KELTIE Adam (I1128)
148 brother-in-law George Nicholls in same home 1901 JEFFRIES John J (Partington?) (I1791)
149 Burgess in Canongate, 18 Aug 1631 MASTERTON William (I1111)
150 Burgess, Canongate 2 Sep 1630 MASTERTON David (I872)

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